Incredible SUPER LIGHT Barrel system at an amazing price.

There are SO many myths, and much conflicting information, about paintball barrel performance. Add a large helping of hype and marketing smoke & mirrors, and you end up with a minefield when it comes to choosing a suitable barrel which will actually work for you.

Length, surface smoothness, the material its made from,  porting (the holes which expel the air as the ball travels down the barrel) all have tiny effects on how a barrel will perform. HOWEVER they are virtually insignificant in comparison to the #1 perameter - how the ball fits the bore of the barrel !!!!

Paintballs are quite simply never going to be as accurate as a "solid" projectile. A gelatine shelled sphere, encapsulating liquid, has inherint inconsistencies, Changes to environment, and the grade & age of the paintballs, are just some of the additional factors in play !


Important When Choosing Your UNITEC Barrels

When choosing your UNITEC barrel, it is important to not only have the correct bore size for your paintballs but also the correct barrel length for the environment you are playing in. for example a longer increases range on the field, so on large fields and scenario games a longer barrel is critical. However, if you are playing in a on a more close quarter enviorment where range is less important, a shorter barrel gives you more ability to manoeuvre  faster and snap shoot easier. Therefore,   if you are diverse player, playing in lots of different environments having several barrel lengths and bore sizes gives you the ability to have the best barrel set up for your game.

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