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WarpedPro TEAM CustomWear

available for
paintball & airsoft

Look great on and off the field with top quality WarpedPro TEAM garments.

Warped CustomWear.jpg

Proven Quality

Free Design

Cost Effective

Look for the



warped team customwear available.jpg

on WarpedPro


NOT "blank" garments with logos added ! All team custom garments are exactly the same items as our WarpedPro retail softgoods, with fully custom dye sublimation graphics ! 

Its simple. Send us your team logo and any camo/patterns/sponsors etc files if you have them !

If you have nothing, thats also cool, give us your ideas and we will make it happen !

There is no additional charge for having any of our garments made to your custom design. The price per garment is the same as our WarpedPro products on this site. 
minimum order for custom items is 10 of any garment


Custom jersey (padded)

Custom jersey (unpadded)

Custom V2 (heavy) pants

Custom V3 (lightweight) pants


Custom headband

Custom headwrap

Custom performanceT

Custom zip hoodie

Custom 4-S Jacket











Looking for full team playing kit (jersey, pants, headwear)?  or full team "wardrobe" package for casual wear? Tell us about your team and your plans !!

CustomWear contact form :  
tell us what your interested in and a little about your team
I am interested in :

Thanks for submitting!

We will be in touch soon !

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