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Warped GENESIS Series player ticket (deposit)

The fight for survival continues! The Genesis Series brings you 3 linked chapters of multi-mission scenario action and tactical challenges! With rolling scores and fixed generals to lead you through the series, join 1 of 2 factions and see your efforts pay-off in the Halloween finale, Plague!!


VENUE : Warped Paintball Club COSFORD : TF11 8PN


ENTRY FEE £65 (including a case of 2000)



Expect a day of cracking scenario paintball action! Longer games, larger fields, objective-based missions, re-spawns and plenty of Warped-style action! With fixed generals and rolling scores throughout the series, your individual mission results will affect future Chapters as well as directly contribute to your faction's overall series result at the finale, Plague!

Warped GENESIS Series player ticket (deposit)

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