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Virtue Wildcard Backpack


-Moisture wicking foam padded straps
-5 zipper access pouches including:
-2 small accessory, glasses, or phone pouches
-1 main pouch with padded laptop sleeve (15.4″ max)
-1 auxiliary pouch with divider sleeve
-1 rear pouch with slots for for tools, accessories, keys, etc.
-Integrated carrying handle on shoulder straps
-Shoulder strap nylon webbing attachment points
-Should strap mesh pocket
-Rear gear swivel clip
-4 compression/gear straps
-2 mesh water bottle pouches
-Virtue Paintball branding and graphic patterns
-Durable nylon & polyester construction


Virtue Wildcard Backpack

  • Built on a solid foundation by one of the biggest manufacturers in the world.



    Brilliant all round performer with features often not found on higher level markers!

    Light and maneuverable platform, weighing in at under a kilo ! 

    High end performance with entry level pricing !!

    Real 5* performer in this category ! easy maintenance and rarely give problems

    Shot quality:
    Accuracy is ok with the stock barrel. You might want to consider a barrel system as your first upgrade.


    A little air hungry. Not too significant but most electro markers will offer a few more shots per fill.

    Non adjustable feedneck can be a pain with some loaders.


  • The RIZE is packed with performance features not found on entry level markers.


    The newly designed Patented Rize Fusion BoltPrecision True Bore Proto 1-piece barrel, proven Hyper 3 regulator, newly redesigned DYE RAMP solenoid, and clamping feed neck give the Rize the performance of a high end marker. Comfort is not sacrificed for performance with the Rize.


    The DYE UL Hourglass 45 framedual density sticky grips, no slip reg sleeve, adjustable aluminum trigger, and low profile balanced design, lets you naturally control and aim the Rize with all day comfort. With Anti-Chop eyes, simple screw together bolt design, DYE’s self-cleaning M2 eye pipe, and color coded O-rings, maintenance is quick and easy.


    The Rize was designed for top level performance at an affordable price. The DYE Rize is the gun of choice for the avid paintball player.

    Marker comes with parts kit, DYE slick lube, barrel sock, tools, and 9-volt battery.

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