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Tomahawk Paint NvS PRE-ORDER - box 2000 ZERO

Pre-order the Tomahawk range now and COLLECT it super fresh at North V South.


FRESH is BEST - why carry it when we can keep it nice and juicy fresh for you and hand it over at the Tomahawk booth at North V South.


Tomahawk ZERO

The most versatile paint grade available in the Tomahawk range. This recreational base level product is still better than many other paintball brands positioned at much higher levels. Arguably the best selling entry level paint in Europe. For all uses, from rental to tournaments, suitable for big games and other events alike.
> This product is PEG based and is made under EU environment compliances.
> Training + Rental + Recreational
> Available in Boxes of 2000, 4 sealed bags of 500 paintballs
Since 2008.


Tomahawk Paint NvS PRE-ORDER - box 2000 ZERO

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