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Tomahawk Magfed Captain

Designed to be the top MagFed paint in Europe, we created Tomahawk MagFed Captain to shine through the rough conditions of competitive MagFed play. Utilising our 14 years of experience in the encapsulation industry, our engineers designed a paintball that’s fitted to resist the response of the mag, whilst remaining brittle for impact. Equivalently to our highest quality paint, MagFed Captain maintains a perfect shape which allows for extreme long-range pin-point accuracy, even during extreme weather conditions.


• Tournament Quality MagFed Ready
• Brittle and Mag-Friendly
• Aerodynamic and Extra Long-Range
• Pin-Point Accuracy
• Customized for all climate conditions
• PEG based fill with no oil
• Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly
• Available in Boxes of 500, 1 sealed bag of 500 paintballs

Tomahawk Magfed Captain

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