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Tomahawk 50cal Competition

When winning is key, so is paint quality. Use the best 50 Cal paint on the market with Tomahawk 50 Cal competition. Based on the formula of one of the most highly regarded paintballs in the market, we created a version in 50 Cal. Slightly more brittle than the average 50 Cal paint, but with a tough shell that does survives the handling of the marker, 50 Cal Competition will be your best choice.


• Pro-Player Trusted Quality Paint
• Compatible with all 50 Cal Markers
• Perfectly Round Shape avoids marker jamming
• Brittle, but designed for Rough Play
• Customized for most climate conditions
• Ideal for Airball and Recreational and Tournament Play
• PEG based fill with no oil
• Available in Boxes of 4000, 8 sealed bags of 500 paintballs

Tomahawk 50cal Competition

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