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Tippmann TMC - SILVER Package

This Tippmann TMC SILVER Package is a reliable, affordable option for anyone looking to get into paintball.


This SILVER package includes everything in the TMC BRONZE package, but upgraded from CO2 to High Pressure Air (HPA) which will increase its ball on ball consistency, plus added extras including gloves, pod pack, and pots


  • Tippmann TMC Marker
  • Gravity fed hopper
  • Proto Switch goggles system
  • Totemair 3000 psi 0.8l HPA (high pressure air) system
  • Devil Paintball gloves
  • 5+3 Devil pod pack
  • 4x Dye Alpha pods/pots
  • 12" UNITEC Upgrade barrel


A great setup with everything you need to  get out there mixing it up on club, milsim, scenario and big games - with marker set up with hopper feed - and an easy switch over to Magfed later if you want !



Tippmann TMC - SILVER Package

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