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Tippmann TMC "Magfed" SILVER Package

This Tippmann TMC "magfed" SILVER Package is a reliable, affordable option for anyone looking to get into Magfed paintball.


This SILVER package includes everything in the Magfed BRONZE package, upgraded from CO2 to High Pressure Air (HPA) which will increase its ball on ball consistency, plus added extras including gloves, tactical vest, and backpack.


  • Tippmann TMC Marker
  • 2 off TMC 20 ball MAGAZINES
  • Proto Switch goggles system
  • Totemair 3000 psi 0.8l HPA (high pressure air) system
  • Devil Paintball gloves
  • BTP Tactical Backpack
  • JT tactical vest
  • 12" UNITEC Upgrade barrel


Everything you need to rock out as a Magfedder ! Even a smart backpack to carry everything !


Tippmann TMC "Magfed" SILVER Package

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  • We think the real great feature to the TMC is it can be used with a hopper or magazines (although not BOTH at the same time). In the box the TMC comes with a hopper adapter that is super quick and easy to install. 


    In this magfed configuration it can be easily switched between paintballs and FSR (First Strike Rounds) - just switch over your mag !



    Easy and cost effective way to get into Magfed

    Feels great in the hands, very light, and the grips are super comfy !

    Changing magazines is very instinctive, does what you expect it to do !

    Doesnt really have a serious competitor at this price point !

    Tippmann reliability. Tippmann over the last 20 years have been essentially using the same blowback style valve only adding minor changes. That same blowback style bolt/valve can be found in the TMC and many of Tippmann’s other guns like the Cronus, 98 and A5.

    Shot quality:
    SIngle shot accuracy is good using a tried and tested Tippmann platform to deliver the shot.


    Due to its high pressure operation the TMC kicks a bit and is somewhat loud. But all adds to the realism.


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