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Proto RIZE SILVER Package

This SILVER package contains everything in the Proto RIZE BRONZE package with some great additional items & upgraded to powered hopper.


  • Proto RIZE marker
  • Proto Switch Goggles
  • 0.8L 3000psi TotemAir HPA system
  • Dye LTR Rotor powered loader
  • 5+3 DEVIL pod pack
  • DEVIL Gloves
  • 4 x Dye Alpha pods


The Proto Rize offers a great first step into marker ownership forHobbyists looking to progress to Club games and entry level tournament play !

Proto RIZE SILVER Package

  • Built on a solid foundation by one of the biggest manufacturers in the world.



    Brilliant all round performer with features often not found on higher level markers!

    Light and maneuverable platform, weighing in at under a kilo ! 

    High end performance with entry level pricing !!

    Real 5* performer in this category ! easy maintenance and rarely give problems

    Shot quality:
    Accuracy is ok with the stock barrel. You might want to consider a barrel system as your first upgrade.


    A little air hungry. Not too significant but most electro m