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JT Bandana Series Proflex

Proflex™ goggle systems are built for the professional and are hands down “the most comfortable goggle system in the world.” Built on a timeless design, the Proflex™ goggle provides superior face protection using unique insert molding technology, giving the player a rigid upper section for maximum eye protection, while offering a soft flexible lower jaw line that allows the player to conform and move easily. 

JT Bandana Series Proflex

    • Nose Bridge Adjustment System
      • This exclusive design allows you to adjust nose by allen tool to fit exactly your face
      • Creates a perfect seal to eliminate rising hot air from breathing heavy.
      • Customizes fit for improved comfort and functionality.


    • Unite thermal lens
    • Optically correct massive field of view, Quad layer anti-fog ensures no fog while playing 


    Quick-change lens system

    • We have a lens for any condition and any look. Change it in seconds.


    • Magnetic Chin-Strap
      • Super easy to connect even using a one hand. Just bring both pieces close to each other and it will connect. 


    • Superlight Multilayer structure
    • Universal fit
      • Flex and strength where you need it. Lighter than ever.
      • Improved comfort fit for all head sizes
      • Soft cup formed ear pieces with improved hearing


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