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This GOG eNMEy marker is an excellent first step into hobby level paintball. 


  • GOG eNMEy 
  • Gravity fed hopper (upgradeable)
  • 12oz TotemAir CO2 bottle (upgradeable)
  • 12" UNITEC Upgrade barrel


If you have been playing rental ball and looking to get your own first setup this offers great value without breaking the bank ! Comes with basic CO2 system and hopper, and can run on HPA (High Pressure Air) if you want to upgrade.


Suitable for mech games!



  • GOG paintball have been producing excellent kit for many years. This, their entry level marker uses a mechanical/pneumatic engine to deliver the ball. It will fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. 



    Cost effective, reliable, easy to maintain

    Feels nice and chunky in the hands. Small profile with its short barrel.

    Difficult to fault it at this price !

    No fancy electronics to go wrong or have to learn about.

    Shot quality:
    Single shot accuracy is good, even with the stock barrel. Can be upgraded with a range of barrel systems to help increase individual accuracy.


    The mech/pneumatic system is not the most sophisticated, so ball-on-ball consistency does suffer a little over most more technical advanced systems. Rate of Fire is restricted to your own finger speed.


  • The eNMEy is designed around performance, safety and value. The integrated regulator insures safe velocity control regardless of propellent source. The pneumatic spool valve design offers low maintenance and absolutely no metallic wear. High performance design and top grade materials means the GOG eNMEy delivers huge value and incredible performance.

    True Pneumatic Design – Reduced Wear

    No batteries, no hammer, no sear, and no metal-on-metal wear points. The eNMEy valve is not powered by springs, instead it is operated by precisely balanced gas pressures. This tournament proven system delivers both speed and accuracy. With only one moving part serving as both the main valve and bolt.

    Regulated Low Pressure – Safe and Easy on Paint

    A vertical regulator stabilizes gas pressure for consistent operation. That means when you set your velocity to safe limits, it is less likely to fluctuate to an unsafe level then markers without a regulator. The low pressure of the allows the eNMEY to be gentle on paint and silky smooth, with little to no recoil.

    CO2 or Compressed Air – Safely handles both

    An integrated relief valve completely protects the valve components in the eNMEy from the pressure spikes often associated with liquid CO2, while the vertical regulator compensates for pressure fluctuations allowing for stabile velocity with compressed air or CO2. For the player, this means consistent shot to shot performance enhancing accuracy. For safety the relief valve and regulator combine to assure safe opporation and controlled velocities, far greater than a marker without these systems.

    Composite Construction and Bolt out the Back Design

    Utilizing the best materials for each component, the eNMEy surrounds a stabile hard anodized aluminum receiver with a light weight, durable nylon/fiber composite cover and grip frame similar to those found in modern police/military rated firearms. With a bolt-out-the-back design, the bolt and valve core remove easily from the back of the marker. With only one moving part, no metal-on-metal contact and no springs, the eNMEy valve and bolt are easy to clean and maintain. With newer players, simple maintenance means less down time, and more game time

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