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ETHA 2 - GOLD Package

This GOLD package contains everything in the ETHA 2 SILVER package PLUS your first days play as an own-gunner FREE - your event fee included, and a case of 2000 Tommahawk paitballs!


  • ETHA 2 Marker
  • Dye Axis Pro Goggles
  • 0.8L 3000psi TotemAir HPA system
  • Dye LTR Rotor powered loader
  • 5+3 DEVIL pod pack
  • DEVIL Gloves
  • 4 x Dye Alpha pods


The Proto Rize offers a great first step into marker ownership for Hobbyists looking to progress to Club games and entry level tournament play !

ETHA 2 - GOLD Package

Choose Hopper Colour
  • To purchase a paintball marker you must now be a memeber of the UKPSF. Please visit to start your memberhsip.

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