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EMEK 100 Kit, Play and Paint Deal

Great value hobby and club level package with high level marker performance and simplicity from the  mechanical EMEK ! This GOLD package contains everything in theEMEK 100 SILVER package PLUS your first days play as an own-gunner FREE - your event fee included, and a case of 2000 Tommahawk paitballs!


  • EMEK 100 marker
  • Dye Axis Goggles
  •  1.1L 4500psi TotemAir carbon Air Tank
  • PAL Loader
  • Devil Pack (with pots)


The Emek gives players great performance and incredible value. And when coupled with the battery-free PAL Loader System you get an even better playing experience. The Emek brings the shot characteristics, dynamics and feel of a modern hose-less high-end marker at an incredibly competitive entry-level price. It is lightweight, ergonomic, supremely reliable, smooth, efficient, quiet and robust. It’s simple to operate requiring no adjustments or tuning, just set the velocity, flip the safety latch to Fire, and go play.

If you are looking for a simple yet substantial shooter, the EMEK is for you


Suitable for mech games!


EMEK 100 Kit, Play and Paint Deal