Tippmann TCR Magfed GOLD Package

This Tippmann TCR (Tactical Combat Rifle) GOLD Package contains the items in the TCR SILVER package PLUS free entry to one of our great Warped events, AND your first box of paint.


  • Tippmann TCR Marker
  • Proto Switch Goggle system
  • 10 off 12 gram gas sparklets
  • Totemair 3000 psi HPA system
  • 2 off TCR 12 ball MAGAZINES
  • JT Tactical Vest


Everything you need to rock out as a Magfedder !



  • Free entry to any Warped Paintball Club event at our Cosford site
  • Box 2000 Tomahawk paintballs to shoot while you are there


This package represents a great saving , and is a fantastic way to get your paintball hobby or career started!!


Come meet and shoot the gang !!



Tippmann TCR Magfed GOLD Package

  • The TCR is really well built for this type of construction. No cheap components here !

    Everything fits really cleanly together, and there are no molding pieces sticking out like we have seen on other composite constructed markers.. the plastic is MUCH harder, and feels more gunlike. It just looks REAL in every way.


    Can be easily switched between paintballs and FSR (First Strike Rounds) - just switch over your mag !



    Easy and cost effective way to get into Magfed

    Feels great in the hands, changing magazines is very instinctive, does what you expect it to do !

    Doesnt really have a serious competitor at this price point !

    Tippmann reliability. Easy to strip, clean, maintain, upgrade. All the bits fit RIGHT !

    Shot quality:
    SIngle shot accuracy is good using a tried and tested Tippmann platform to deliver the shot. Ball on ball consistency over the chrono not the best with the 12gm CO2 sparklets - but acceptable and the trade off is super lightness with no bottle to lug around. Can be switched to operate on HPA (high pressure air) remote line if you prefer.


    Really the thing which could be better is maybe the front grip - feels kind of cheap... Not that there is anything wrong with it just not very "chunky"  



    • Magfed Marker
    • Dual Feed Capable
    • CO2 Cartridges or HPA Compatible with Remote Line Adapter
    • Flip Top Sights
    • Folding Front Vertical Handle
    • Collapsible Stock with Additional Mag Carrier
    • Hideaway Remote adapter
    • 11” Barrel
    • First Strike Round Compatible


    The Tactical Compact Rifle (TCR) Magfed Marker provides a new level of realism to your paintball play.  It comes with two magazines: a 12 Ball Extended Mag and a 7 Ball Mag.  Based on our TiPX platform of using CO2 cartridges or HPA with a remote line along with its dual feed capability gives you a marker with a ton of flexibility in how you want to play.  You can switch from magfed to hopper fed depending on how much paint you want to shoot and the conditions of play.  And let’s not forget its First Strike Compatible!


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